The 4-comfort arguments

MOBILS shoe and sandals guarantee naturally soft and tireless walking.

All-over padded

One of the best features of all MOBILS shoes is the soft and comfortable ALL-ROUND SOFT CUSHIONING. A specially developed cushioning between the lining and the naturally soft leather upper, provides a unique feeling of comfort. This special feature of all MOBILS shoes softly pillows your feet and prevents them from feeling cramped.

Soft-Air Technology

Tired feet are a thing of the past, thanks to the SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY of MOBILS. The elastic and super-soft SOFT-AIR MIDSOLE reduces the shock from walking to an absolute minimum. This takes the weight off your feet, relieves joints and spinal disks and provides a healthy foot climate.

Comfortable width

Put an end to pinching shoes! All our MOBILS ergonomic models have a comfortable extra-wide fit giving more space to the toe area. This ensures a perfect fit and therefore incomparable comfort.

Replacement insole

The anatomically shaped, removable insole supports the natural movement of the foot with each step. In addition, the hard impact of walking is considerably reduced. This is how each MOBILS shoe and sandal guarantees naturally soft and tireless walking. You can also replace this INSOLE with personal custom orthotics.